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7 Series I Volume XLVII-III Serial 100 - Columbia Part III


In the Field, Goldsbourough, N. C., Numbers 36.
March 24, 1865.

I. Major- General Schofield, commanding Departement of North Carolina, will, out of the troops now at his command, organize a force equivalent to two cors, or five divisions, and proceed to equip them int he most complete manner for field service. This force while operating with the other armies in thefield will be styled the Cener. For te present, Generalal Schofield will post his command to hold Goldsborough, and cover the railroads back to Willmington and Morehead City. He will aso aid theralroad department with details to enable it to finish, in the sortest possible time, the two raods and equipo them for service.

II. Colonel W. W. Wright, of the railroad department, will use extraordinary menads, night and day, to complete the two rairoads from Goldsborough back to Wilmington and Moregead City, and to equip them to the capacity of 300 tons per day of friht. He may pay any price for labore, call for details of soldiers, and draw rolling- stock fromSavannah and Charleston, or any pint wiythin this command, and all commanding officers and qauartermasters will give preference to the shipment of such stock over that of any other work whatever not involving life. The work of these rairoads is limited and restricted to the trasportation, in the order following, army stores: Fiest, ammuition, second, food for men; third, clothing for men; fourth, grain for animals; fifth, camp and garrison equi0age; sixth, hay or long forage- until there is an acumulation of supplies at Goldsborough enough to fill the wagons of the army. No officer, soldier, or citizen, or any private stores whatever will be carrried on the up trips, unless it be mail matter, and officers or courier bearing orders for army headquarters, and these not to exceed one car- load per day. All else must march or use horses and wgons fromthe saltwater to Goldsborough until the army is thoroughly colothed and equipped. Return cars may load according to the discretion of the quartermaster in cahrge, provided there be no delay. TO facilitarte the completion of these roads, Colonel Poe will cause the First Michigan Enginers to work back toward new Berne. General Howard will cause to be built the railroad bridge over Neuse near Goldsborough, General Slocum the wagon road bridge on the Mount Olinve road, and General Shcofield the railroad bridge over Northeast Branch nearWilmington, leaving Colonel Wright with his oworkign parties to look after the lkaying and ballasting the track and getting the cars in motion.

III. The chief quartemraster and commissary of the army in the field, Generals Eastona and Beckwith, will repair at once to Goldsbaorough, and there control the movement of supplies according to the necessities of the army and orders issued at the geenral headquaarters.

IV. The Right Wing of the amry will group to the front and right of Goldsborough, looking norht; the Left Wing in front and left of Goldsborough; the Center in Goldsborough, with detachments to cover the railroad to the rear. The cavalry will be posted at or near Mount Olive Station. All eill send forging parties into the country, being careful to have them strong and well gaurded.

By order of Major General W. T. Sherman:


Assistant Adjutant-General.