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Yazoo (1865-1874)

USS Yazoo, a 1175-ton Casco class light-draft monitor, was built at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, between 1863 and 1865. Completed after the end of the Civil War, she was delivered to the Navy in December 1865 and immediately laid up. Yazoo had no commissioned service, but had her name changed twice, to Tartar in June 1869 and back to Yazoo in August of that year. She remained "in ordinary" at the Philadelphia Navy Yard until September 1874, when she was sold.

This page features our only view of USS Yazoo.

Photo #: NH 61433

USS Yazoo (1865-1874)

Engraving published in "Harper's Weekly", 3 February 1866 as part of a larger print entitled "The Iron-clad Navy of the United States".
See Photo # NH 73986 for the complete print.
The text printed below the image refers to the twenty light-draft monitors of the Casco class, of which Yazoo was one.