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Beauregard (1861-1864)

CSS Beauregard, a side-wheel steamer, was employed by the Confederate Navy as a transport and utility vessel on the inland coastal waters of Georgia and South Carolina from at least November 1861. In early December 1864, she helped tow the floating battery Georgia. Later in that month, Beauregard was captured at or near Savannah, Georgia.

This page features our only view of CSS Beauregard.

Photo #: NH 51966

"Flag of Truce" boats on the Savannah River, Georgia

Watercolor depicting six steamers, with Fort Pulaski in the left center distance, circa 1862-64.
As identified on the original artwork, these ships are (from left to right): steamer Swan, of Savannah; C.S. Navy steamer Beauregard; C.S. Navy steamer Ida; steamers Livingston and George Leary (possibly Union ships?); and C.S. Army transport General Lee.

Courtesy of the Library of Congress.