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Ida (1862-1864)

CSS Ida, a side-wheel steamer, was employed by the Confederate Navy on the Savannah River, Georgia, on transport, dispatch and towing duties in 1862-64. She was captured and burned by Union forces on 10 December 1864.

This page features our only view of CSS Ida.

Photo #: NH 51966

"Flag of Truce" boats on the Savannah River, Georgia

Watercolor depicting six steamers, with Fort Pulaski in the left center distance, circa 1862-64.
As identified on the original artwork, these ships are (from left to right): steamer Swan, of Savannah; C.S. Navy steamer Beauregard; C.S. Navy steamer Ida; steamers Livingston and George Leary (possibly Union ships?); and C.S. Army transport General Lee.

Courtesy of the Library of Congress.