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Muscogee (1864-1865)

CSS Muscogee, an ironclad ram screw steamer, was built at Columbus, Georgia, beginning in late 1862. She was launched in December 1864, but was not completed. In April 1865, Muscogee (or Jackson, as she was also called) was burned on the Chattahoochee River by Union Army forces. Her remains were recovered during the 1960s and placed on exhibit at Columbus.

This page features our only views of the Confederate ironclad ram Muscogee, which was also known as CSS Jackson.

Photo #: NH 48026

CSS Jackson

(Confederate Ironclad Ram, 1864-65, also called Muscogee)

Photographed soon after her launching at Columbus, Georgia, circa December 1864. She was not completed and was destroyed in April 1865.

Photo #: NH 45769

CSS Muscogee

(Confederate Ironclad Ram, 1864-65, also called Jackson)

Ship's hull on exhibit at the Confederate Naval Museum, Columbus, Georgia, circa the middle 1960s.
She was launched at Columbus in December 1864, and destroyed by Union troops on 17 April 1865, while incomplete. Her hull was recovered during the 1960s.

Courtesy of the Georgia Historical Commission.