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Port Walthall Junction

Battle Name: Port Walthall Junction
Other Names: None
State: Virginia
Location: Location:Chesterfield County
Campaign: Bermuda Hundred Campaign (May-June 1864)
Dates: May 6-7, 1864
Principal Commanders: Maj. Gen. Benjamin Butler [US]; Brig. Gen. Johnson Hagood [CS]
Forces Engaged: Divisions
Estimated Casualties: 550 total
Description: In conjunction with the opening of Grant’s Overland Campaign, Maj. Gen. Benjamin Butler’s Army of the James, 33,000 strong, disembarked from transports at Bermuda Hundred on May 5, threatening the Richmond-Petersburg Railroad. On May 6, Hagood’s brigade stopped initial Federal probes at Port Walthall Junction. On May 7, a Union division drove Hagood’s and Johnson’s brigades from the depot and cut the railroad at Port Walthall Junction. Confederate defenders retired behind Swift Run Creek and awaited reinforcements.
Results: Union victory

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