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Middle Boggy Depot

Battle Name: Middle Boggy Depot
Other Names: Middle Boggy
State: Oklahoma
Location: Unknown
Campaign: Operations in the Indian Territory (1864)
Dates: February 13, 1864
Principal Commanders: Maj. Charles Willette [US]; Lt. Col. John Jumper [CS]
Forces Engaged: Three companies of the 14th Kansas Cavalry Regiment and a section of Howitzers [US]; Seminole Battalion, Company A, 1st Choctaw and Chickasaw Cavalry Regiment, and a detachment of 20th Texas Regiment [CS]
Estimated Casualties: Unknown
Description: While on an expedition in February 1864 to meet, defeat or destroy Confederate forces in Indian Territory, Union Maj. Charles Willette and his troops surprised a Confederate force at Middle Boggy Depot on February 13. Although poorly armed, the Rebels made a determined stand for a half hour before retiring. The Union forces killed 47 Confederates during this short fight. Fear of the arrival of fresh Confederate forces influenced the Federals to retire to Fort Gibson. During Col. John F. Phillips’s Indian Territory expedition, he and his men fought with and dispersed numerous Confederate forces. Middle Boggy Depot was, perhaps, the largest encounter during the expedition.
Results: Union victory

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