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Battle Name: Washington
Other Names: None
State: North Carolina
Location: Beaufort County
Campaign: Longstreet’s Tidewater Operations (February-May 1863)
Dates: March 30-April 20, 1863
Principal Commanders: Brig. Gen. John G. Foster [US]; Maj. Gen. D.H. Hill [CS]
Forces Engaged: 6 regiments and artillery units [US]; Hill’s Division [CS]
Estimated Casualties: 100 total
Description: While Longstreet operated against Suffolk, D.H. Hill’s column moved against the Federal garrison of Washington, North Carolina. By March 30, the town was ringed with fortifications, but the Confederates were unable to shut off supplies and reinforcements arriving by ship. After a week of confusion and mismanagement, Hill was maneuvered out of his siegeworks and withdrew on April 15.
Results: Inconclusive (Confederates withdrew.)