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New Hope Church

Battle Name: New Hope Church
Other Names: None
State: Georgia
Location: Paulding County
Campaign: Atlanta Campaign (1864)
Dates: May 25-26, 1864
Principal Commanders: Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman and Maj. Gen. Joseph Hooker [US]; Gen. Joseph E. Johnston [CS]
Forces Engaged: Military Division of the Mississippi [US]; Army of Tennessee [CS]
Estimated Casualties: Total unknown (US 1,600; CS unknown)
Description: After Johnston retreated to Allatoona Pass on May 19-20, Sherman decided that he would most likely pay dearly for attacking Johnston there, so he determined to move around Johnston’s left flank and steal a march toward Dallas. Johnston anticipated Sherman’s move and met the Union forces at New Hope Church. Sherman mistakenly surmised that Johnston had a token force and ordered Maj. Gen. Joseph Hooker’s corps to attack. This corps was severely mauled. On the 26th, both sides en-trenched, and skirmishing continued throughout the day. Actions the next day in this area are discussed under Pickett’s Mills.
Results: Confederate victory

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