Today in History:

Anonymous Soldier Before Gettysburg

Another eventful day has passed--All morning there was considerable riding done up & down street. At 10 A.M. the infantry commenced to come & for 3 hours they just marched on as fast as they could. it is supposed that about 15,000 have already passed through, & there are still more coming. Ewel's brigade has pas. I do not know what others. Longstreet & Hill are expected this way too. It is thought by many that a desperate battle will be fought at Harisburg. This P.M. the Rebs are plundering the stores. some of our merchants will be almost if not entirely ruined--I was sitting on Jared's poarch[12] when a young man (rebel) came & shook hands with Mr. Jared--a relative, his brother is in this army too. He was raised here--His mother is burried here--Mr. Jared told him he ought to go & kneel on his Mothers grave & ask for pardo[n] for having fought in such a bad cause. against such a good Government. tears almost came, he said he could not well help getting in, but he would not fight in Pa. he told his officers so, he was placed under arrest awhile but was released again. Now he said he is compelled to carry a gun & that is as far as they will get toward making him fight. He was in Jacksons Brig. Says Jackson was a christian & means it honestly & earnestly.[13] Some of the Rebs seemed quite jolly at the idea of being in Pa. All is quiet this evening so I shall retire after having committed myself to my maker.