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2 months 21 hours ago #145 by alinaamanda11
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2 months 5 days ago #143 by LaurneDWriter
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1 year 7 months ago #35 by harleybike03
The Ride aims to link up the country across regions and generations to generate a more positive, constructive dialogue about who we are and where we’re going – more about national unity than national division – and help pass the baton of generational leadership.

Travels with Harley

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1 year 9 months ago #17 by kevin
The engine is live. We have replaced the built in search of the site with our own web crawl index of Civil War sites and pages on the net.

This is a work in progress. Coming soon you will have the ability to submit URLs to the engine to be included in the index. Another feature will be focused search areas.

Also, because this is an independent index, your search history is not being recorded to sell to anyone, give away, etc. In other words you can use Google, or to do your history research, but we think the returns from our index will be more useful as it relates to the Civil War as opposed to other topics returned by Google because our results match both the terms and topic.

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1 year 9 months ago - 1 year 9 months ago #14 by kevin
We are in the process of taking a new search engine live that focuses on Civil War related sites on the Internet. There are currently two search boxes on the home page.

The first and top most box searches the documents stored in this site. That includes the Official Record making this site one of, if not the only, site on the Net where you can search the Record by random text instead of drilling down by Campaign, Date or Name. If you have ever used the Official Record you know it can be difficult to find all relative reports and documents on a given topic based on how the Volumes are laid out and indexed. The search brings it all back to you and makes it much easier to compare facts to situations.

The second search box is a Google Custom Search. What this means is you will retrieve from Google the documents that have been indexed by Google, and in this case, from our site. Prior to the change of design to our site in the Fall of 2015 the Custom Search included results from several other Civil War related domains as well. Unfortunately we have not had the time to figure out Google's new method and recompile the domain/link list after they dumped our previous list.

The final and third box will take over as the top most search box sometime in the not too distant future. This is the interface to our "Expanded Search". So far we have identified nearly 5,000 sites providing information on the American Civil War on the net. We have crawled and indexed those sites in order to help you find the most relevant information. Of course we would like you to find the information in our site first, so we have weighted our site, but only the first few results. This is a work in progress that we have recently begun, so bear with us.

We are also seeking your input. We plan to add a form to add your own site for you to submit your page for our engine to index. Feedback about display, relativity of the search results, etc. are welcomed and desired. The goal is to provide a place to search for Civil War related information that returns the most relevant results that are truly related to the American Civil War and not some other topic.

The search engine we have chosen is robust - capable of handling millions of pages and returning the results of multiple word/phrase searches in fractions of a second.

We hope you find this useful!

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