Today in History:

July 4, 1863

Saturday. The great battle closed and quieted with the closing day--Some firing at various points-- Our Regt layed on arms with Pickets out--on the ground where we had put in most of the day--Rather expecting attack momentarily--Rained furiously during the night--We had fed, eaten, and were standing "to horse" when about 6 ock NEWS CAME--"The Rebs are falling back!" and "Our Forces are following them" and our Regt went out towards Hunterstown reconnoitering. We found some confederates who had straggled, or were foraging, not knowing yet what had happened and was taking place--Of course, our Boys took them in--Making a little detour I captured two. Sergt. Major J. T. Richardson and Private Cox 9th Va Cav--disarming them and bringing them in--I guarded them--while the Regt gathered in some others--P.M. Captain Hughes came along and paroled them--and we were ordered to camp near Hanover--where we first lay on arriving near Gettysburg-- Evening awfully muddy and disagreeable--I saw much of the destructiveness of the Johnies today--

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